Turn Your Bathroom into a Vintage Dream

Every person’s bathroom is a place where they want to be able to relax and unwind under a hot shower or soak in a lovely bubbly bath. It’s very important that people feel comfortable and free in their bathrooms, and that is why decorating them in your own style is so important. If your style is vintage, here’s how you can achieve that look.

The Essentials

The most important thing to keep in mind when remodelling any part of your home is that it has to preserve its functionality. The best looking bathroom won’t serve you any good if you can’t comfortably use it. So, let’s get the functional pieces in:

  • A claw-foot tub – This is an absolute must in any vintage bathroom because it reminds us of olden times.
  • A pedestal sink – This gives a very good visual effect because these were the only types of sinks used before the widespread use of plumbing.
  • A detached toilet tank – To get a more authentic feel, go for a toilet with a detached tank and preferably a chain handle dangling on the side.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Vintage Dream

The Accents

The thing that ties the whole room together will be all the accents and details you put into it. The more attention you pay to this, the more authentic and visually pleasing your bathroom will look. The things to include are all that you would use in any vintage style room, and here is how to incorporate them in your bathroom:

  • Glass jars – Swap out the plastic containers of shampoo and conditioner for much more stylish glass jars and cups to store and display all of your products.
  • Shelves – Cabinets weren’t a thing in the Victorian era, so swap them out for simple wooden shelves. If the idea of all the extra dusting puts you off, then go for all wooden cabinets with glass windows.
  • Ornate mirrors – A mirror is often the centrepiece of the bathroom, and if you’re making a vintage bathroom, it will definitely be the centre of yours! All vintage mirrors have lavishing frames with a multitude of three-dimensional ornaments, often painted gold or copper.
  • Lights – For added effect, you can try installing a small chandelier or individual wall-mounted lights. Make sure that all of your light bulbs are warm toned and not too bright. You can always keep a few candles in the bathroom, for when the mood calls for them.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Vintage Dream

The surfaces

The walls and floor of your bathroom can add a lot to the overall atmosphere. However, full vintage wooden floors might not be the best idea, since they are not easy to clean and maintain. You can hire a company like Blue Lagoon Bathrooms to make sure that everything is done correctly and in the style you want.

  • Walls – Try to stick to soft tones, like neutrals, pastels, and earthy colours, to give your bathroom an old fashioned feeling. If you want tiles, you might want to consider marble-print, because they are a lot more affordable than actual marble, which was very popular back in the day.
  • Floor – If you are adamant on keeping the wooden floor, make sure it’s of good quality and with a very high polish, for easier cleaning (but be careful because it gets slippery). Otherwise, go for the good old tiles!

Turn Your Bathroom into a Vintage Dream

No matter how you design your bathroom and what details you add, make sure your oasis is the place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, in whichever setting and mood you choose.