Ideas for an Eclectic Bathroom

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, there are many design styles you can choose from. However, adding some of your own personal style doesn’t have to ruin the overall appearance of the bathroom. On the contrary, there are ways to fit your style into any other, by creating a beautiful eclectic bathroom. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish this.

Mix the old with the new

This is one of the easiest ways to get that eclectic feel in your bathroom. If your bathroom design is modern, with smooth and clean lines and tiles and all the latest fixtures, consider adding a claw-footed tub, clean white or even mosaic-tiled. And if you bring a free-standing tub into your bathroom, think about installing tub fillers that come straight through the floor, for that vintage look. Another thing you can do is get a Victorian-style wooden vanity, with a few drawers and maybe an open storage. You can get it in a combination of dark-colour wood and white or cream marble countertop. If you’re handy with furniture, you can get one at your local thrift shop and make a DIY project out of it.

Ideas for an Eclectic Bathroom

Add a touch of rustic to your contemporary

If you want a contemporary bathroom, but you still want to get something more out of it, you can add some rustic elements to it. For example, if your bathtub, washbasin and tiles are minimalist and modern, you can break the monotony of it with DIY shelves. They can be floating shelves, hanging wood-and-rope shelves, or you can even turn your old ladder or used crates into fabulous shelves for your towels and toiletries.

Throw in a few storage baskets and you’ve got your eclectic look right there. Furthermore, you can build a mirror frame out of palettes, or create some extra storage for your cosmetics by making a wooden mason-jar holder for your bathroom wall. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can put an old chair and a little tea-table into it. It’s not something you see every day, but not all of us are simple everyday people, and there’s nothing wrong with showing that.

Ideas for an Eclectic Bathroom - 4

Embrace mosaics

Another way to have an eclectic bathroom is not to be afraid to experiment with colours. The options are many, from tiles and windows to countertops and even tubs and basins. If on a tight budget, you can recycle old and broken tiles of various colours to create a lovely mosaic on your wall. However, mosaics should definitely not be reserved for walls only. They can be multifunctional on your stained windows, hiding you from curious neighbours’ eyes, while your eyes can feast on the merriness of the bright colours.

If you can afford it, you can combine a hand-made mosaic countertop with your simple, white vanity, or you can even get a custom-made washbasin or a tub to fit your unique style. However, be sure to hire a professional Melbourne plumber to install these for you, since you certainly don’t want to deal with the consequences of somebody’s sloppy work. Finally, if you’re not a fan of bright colours, you can always have your mosaics in black and white or any other neutral colour combination.

Ideas for an Eclectic Bathroom - 6

Play with accessories

Décor accessories can go a long way when you want to express your own style and achieve an eclectic look in your bathroom. For instance, you can hang some artwork or photographs on your bathroom walls. The paintings can be any style you prefer, and their subjects can vary from plants and animals to anything abstract, while photos can show your family and friends, as well as places you’ve visited and love to revisit in your memories. In colour or black and white, it’s entirely up to you. You can also be playful with the frames and sizes of the photos and paintings. Finally, decorate your bathroom with candles or even plants in interesting pots.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Turn your bathroom into an eclectic place of joy and serenity for yourself, because there’s really nothing to it. And once you do, fill up that tub, relax and enjoy it.